EFT In Bedfordshire - Sessions

Each session can be booked by 'phone or email. ('phone is better). Each session will last up to 90 minutes; the majority of this time will be spent in discussion identifying the exact nature of the issue for healing, before proceeding to the tapping itself. On some occasions a second session may be required or recommended.

Session Fees

Each session (of up to 90 minutes) costs £45. (A small travelling expense may be added if I visit you). I accept Visa and Mastercard.

EFT practitioner in Bedfordshire, Aidan Bartley, accepts Visa and MasterCard.

Skype Follow Ups

Follow up sessions can be done over Skype. The fee for this is £35, payable in advance, assuming you contact me and pay for any Skype charges. If you need EFT in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire or Buckinghamshire, please contact me.


EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Enlightened heart.






EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits. Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Tapping to overcome.

Where I Am

I live in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and usually see clients in Leighton Buzzard. I can, however, be available to visit you in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire although these visits will incur travel expenses on top of my usual fee. Should I visit you for a session we must be uninterrupted.

Children And Teens

I have been working with children and teenagers for the past 16 years. I have a current and clean Enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) record.

Children are welcome to visit me with an adult. Older children may wish to come alone.


All sessions are confidential, however if cases arise wherein, I suspect or discover any form of abuse of children, or if I suspect the safety of my client is being compromised,  these will be referred to the proper authority. It would be highly immoral to allow these situations to continue without taking such action; this could place the client's safety and well-being in jeopardy. The client would be informed if it were my intention to consult other authorities.

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