EFT In Bedfordshire - How EFT Works

Each one of us has what is termed an energy body. Our minds and bodies use and create energies throughout our lives. If something good happens to us we experience positive energy; conversely we experience negative energies when something bad happens to us.

A problem exists because these negatives energies become blockages and can often remain with us throughout life. Take, for instance, the example of an adult having a phobia of spiders. At some point in his/her life there will have been a negative, possibly frightening experience with a spider. After the event the memory of it will stay with him/her along with the negative energy of that experience. This is learned behaviour which results in the same negative energies arising whenever a sight of a spider occurs. Using EFT, it is now simple and easy to release the negative energies and replace them with positive energies, thus releasing the fear or phobia. Contact me if you need require EFT in Bedfordshire.

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EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Energy body.







EFT in Bedfordshire. Tapping to release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Energy painting.

How EFT Tapping Facilitates The Release Of Negative Energy

Our life experiences, not just those as children, make us who we are. Perhaps you were bullied at school; a fairly common experience. What did you do with those emotions? The chances are that you are still a little fearful of certain types of people who are apt to bully or treat you as inferior.

During a session with an EFT practitioner, the issue will be discussed and the severity of it will be determined using a scale of -10 to 0. An initial verbal statement will be agreed upon and the practitioner will then ask the client to gently tap on several Meridian points, just below the surface of the skin, on the face and one hand whilst repeating the statement. At the end of this round of 'tapping', the severity of the scale will again be determined against the same scale. Often the issue will have gone but sometimes further rounds of tapping, with different statements, will be required. When the severity is vastly removed, positive statements are spoken while tapping on the same Meridian points; this is introducing positive energy into the system.

EFT in Bedfordshire. Tapping to release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Energy clouds.

Getting To The Root Of The Cause

One very common issue held by people is a lack of self esteem or a lack of self-worth.  Perhaps during our formative years, a parent made us feel that we would fail at whatever we did. We took on the belief that, “I can’t do anything right”, or “I’m not good enough” etc., These self-beliefs are deeply held and can affect us in all areas of our lives and throughout them. But it need not be this way. We can release these issues and negative self-beliefs through the Emotional Freedom Technique. How we perceive ourselves, learned from childhood, drives how we live, act and perform right through adulthood.

The skill of the Master EFT practitioner is to get to the root of the issue and then agree upon an accurate statement. For example, a statement "I am frightened of spiders" may be too broad. The skilled practitioner will hone into the issue with the client to produce a more pertinent statement such as, "My brother dropped a spider onto me."  As you can see, it is important to find the specific cause of the issue as this is where the energy blockage lies. As a Master EFT practitioner, I have these skills. Get in touch with me if you need EFT in Bedfordshire.

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EFT Has Been Scientifically Proven To Work

Steve Wells is an internationally known psychologist who uses the Emotional Freedom Technique and has done extensive scientific research into it. On his website he writes,


"In recent years.. there’s been a growing pool of undeniable research that proves what millions of people the world over have known for some time now: that EFT produces real, lasting breakthroughs and significantly improves or even eliminates conditions that hospital treatments, medication and years of psychotherapy often fail to adequately deal with.

Studies done at no less than Harvard Medical School verify these assertions. Research done at the prestigious university during the last decade found that the brain’s stress and fear response – which is controlled by an almond-shaped part of your brain called the amygdala – could be lessened by stimulating the meridian points used in acupuncture, acupressure, and of course, tapping."

- https://www.thetappingsolution.com/what-is-eft-tapping/