EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Enlightened painting.

What Is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a very simple and very efficient technique of removing the emotions which accompany experiences, and therefore release you from your fears and phobias. Elsewhere on this website there is a detailed explanation of how EFT works and how it is used however here is a short introduction to the technique.

For many thousands of years we have known that the body has many meridian points. Acupuncturists have a detailed knowledge of where these points are, and which part of the body they relate to, for causing relief to various issues in the body. EFT uses nine of these points but there is no use of needles; you would be shown simply how to tap on these points. There are seven points on the head and two points on the upper body.

  How It Works   



Professor Tony Stuart on EFT

This Youtube video is an excerpt from a 2014 BBC West Midlands TV programme introduced with reference to people with depression or psychosis, but EFT is used by thousands of ordinary people with, perhaps, only a couple of emotional issues, fears or phobias and even people with pain and health problems. 





How My EFT Sessions Work

During a session with me we will discuss the issue or issues you have. We can refer to our previous example of a fear of flying. If you had an unpleasant experience and you remember this well, I will guide you into giving me certain key words or terms. For example: the plane seemed to jump or drop, I felt nausea, I felt sick to my stomach, I thought I was going to die, my life flashed before me, I was frightened out of my wits et cetera.

From our conversation I will determine, and we would agree upon, several key phrases. For example, “the plane seemed to jump”, “I thought I was going to die”, “I was frightened out of my wits”. We then use these phrases whilst tapping on the 11 points. This works as follows:

I will ask you to think about the experience that you had and I will ask you to give the experience a number between 1 and 10.  Number 10 would indicate a really strong fear, while number 1 would indicate only a minor fear. We will use this number to gauge our progress through the session.

So, let us assume that your fear is rated at 8. I will guide you to start tapping on one of the points situated at the top of your head and at the same time, I will ask you to say something like, “I thought I was going to die.” We will continue through the rest of the points on your head and upper body using the same statement. I shall then ask you to think about flying, and how you feel about it, and I shall then ask you to rate the fear that you have again using the same scale. In most cases, the fear will have dropped substantially. If it is still there, we can tap again with the same or with different statements, but the aim is to reduce the fear to 1 or a 0 within only a few rounds of tapping.

In general, the entire process from our discussion to a successful conclusion will last only about an hour. If they are deep-seated issues we can, of course, take longer to address them. If you need EFT in Bedfordshire please contact me, ideally by phone.



EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Tapping.

EFT in Bedfordshire. Release fears, phobias, bad habits, pain and health issues. Enlightened painting 2.





EFT practitioner in Bedfordshire Aidan Bartley. Tapping for Release. Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT practitioner in Bedfordshire. Member of The Guild Of Energists. Tapping.

Get In Touch With Me

In essence, EFT is as simple as I have described here. Elsewhere on these pages you can find a more in-depth explanation of the reasons why it works and the procedure which is involved. If you would like to discuss a possible session with me, please feel free to phone me on the number at the bottom of this page. Or, on the contact page of this website you can email me with details of the issue that you have.

I list below a number of issues that people have brought to me. This list is by no means complete but it may help to provide for you an insight into the sort of statements, or issues, I have encountered whilst practising EFT in Bedfordshire. Don’t forget you are welcome to phone me with any enquiries you may have.

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Some Common Issues

  • I am frightened of flying/I have a fear of flying
  • I am frightened of spiders/I have a fear of spiders
  • I am frightened of dentists/I have a fear of dentists
  • I was bullied at school/I was bullied in the workplace/I was bullied/I am being bullied
  • I was pushed in to the pool and now I’m frightened of swimming/fear of water
  • I feel guilty about……/I am feeling guilty about……/I have guilt feelings about……
  • I am frightened of public speaking/I have a fear of public speaking
  • I have to speak in public and I’m frightened
  • I get nervous about……
  • I get stressed when……

  • My son or daughter is driving me crazy/my parents are driving me crazy
  • my boss is driving me mad
  • I get nervous when I’m out on a date/I’m unhappy about……
  • I get feelings of jealousy about……/I am feeling insecure about……
  • I’m afraid to let go of……
  • When I take tests and exams I get very nervous / I’m afraid of exams and tests
  • I have a fear of specific bodily parts/I am frightened of specific bodily parts
  • I have jetlag/I can’t get rid of this jetlag
  • I can’t sleep/I can’t sleep for long/I can’t sleep for worrying about……
  • I get nervous when I have to take my driving test